The KeyWiz Uploader v3.0 ScreenShots & Info
Main Screen
KeyWiz Uploader v3.0 Software - Main Screen
Included with every KeyWiz (even the Eco!) is the KeyWiz Uploader software shown on this page.  We constantly get mail from KeyWiz purchasers who tell us how easy and useful the software is.   This is just one part of the KeyWiz package that sets it apart from the competition.  In fact, now that we've raised the bar, it wouldn't surprise us to see them revamp their software to keep up.  But remember, KeyWiz delivered these innovations to you first!

The KeyWiz Uploader software is the only encoder support software that:

Allows you to associate an application to a profile.   Just click on a profile, hit the "launch" button and the KeyWiz Uploader software uploads the selected profile, launches the application and exits.  All automatically!

Requires only a mouse or trackball to access all features.  Programming is done by clicking on an input label and then clicking on the on-screen keyboard.  It's that simple.

Has instant access to 15 profiles through fast "hot-button" selection.  Let your cursor hover over the button momentarily and the KeyWiz Uploader software will show you the name of the profile stored in that "hot-button" (in case you forget ;-) ).

Gives you the option of leaving the default or the custom set active after programming for "on the fly switching" support.

Lets you see all definitions on one easy to understand screen.  No flipping back and forth between screens trying to remember what keys you set to what inputs.

Lets you set up a Windows Icon to automatically load a profile and launch an application without resorting to confusing DOS batch files.
Image of screenshot2m.jpg
KeyWiz Uploader v3.0 Software - Profile Editor Screen
Other KeyWiz Uploader Features:

-  "Virtual EEPROM" Feature.  The KeyWiz Uploader software remembers the contents of the last profile uploaded to the KeyWiz.  With just one click of your mouse, the KeyWiz will be set to automatically configure itself to it's last-programmed state every time Windows is started

-  Versatile point-and-click or command-line operation.  Can run in full auto-mode for non-interactive use. Also includes a Stealth Mode for invisible operation.

-  Added support for special "KeyWiz Link" files.   The software recognizes these files as executables and they can be created with a standard text editor.  This allows for maximum flexibility in launching of programs that require command-line arguments to function.

-  Graphically rich user-interface with visual cues and animation to make using the software as fun as it is simple.

-  Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP, Vista and Windows 7.  

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